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Website Privacy Policy

Website Privacy Policy
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A set of website privacy policy documents, including both GDPR-friendly and pre-GDPR documents.

A website privacy policy is a published statement concerning the way in which a website owner will collect and process the personal information of users. Privacy policies are important not just from a legal perspective, but also from a usability/marketing perspective.

This pack of website privacy policies includes the following documents:

  • Privacy Policy
  • Cookies Policy
  • Privacy and Cookies Policy
  • Privacy and Cookies Policy (pre-GDPR)

The most important provisions of the policy documents include:

  • Information collected: exactly what kinds of personal information are collected by the website operator?
  • Cookies: does the website use cookies? If so, are they session cookies or persistent cookies, and what are they used for? Are any third party cookies served by the website?
  • Using personal data: how will personal data collected through the website be used? For example, will it be used for marketing purposes?
  • Disclosures: to whom - and in what circumstances - will personal information be disclosed to others?

The policies are made available via download link in MS Word (.docx) format immediately following purchase.

Does the privacy policy include a consent to the use of names and email addresses for marketing purposes?

All the privacy policy documents include an optional consent covering email newsletters and other marketing communications. Of course, as with any data protection or data privacy consent, applicable law may require something more definite that a sentence in a privacy policy.

What disclosures are included in relation to cookies from third party advertisers?

As an example of the type of disclosure that may be useful in relation to third party advertising cookies, the policy includes an AdSense interest-based advertisements disclosure. The disclosure highlights that the website publishes this type of advertising, and outlines briefly how cookies are used to tailor advertisements to the interests of the user. It goes on to mention the ways in which a user might avoid being tracked, for example by using the Google browser plug-in or and opt-out cookie.

Does the deal with the new EU laws on consent to the use of cookies?

It is probably not possible to gain consent to the use of cookies under EU laws simply by including a consent statement in a privacy policy.

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