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Hosting Agreement

Hosting Agreement
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A pack of four web hosting contracts.

A hosting agreement sets out the rights and responsibilities of a website hosting company and a customer. In any agreement, the key obligations placed upon the hosting company will include an obligation to provide the service and an obligation to maintain some level of availability. The key obligations placed upon the customer will include an obligation to pay the fees and an obligation to ensure that customer content and data does not give rise to legal problems.

This pack includes four different templates:

  • Website Hosting Agreement;
  • Website Hosting T&Cs;
  • Hosting Services Agreement; and
  • Hosting Services T&Cs.

The website hosting templates have been drafted for the situation where the hosting company is hosting a particular website or websites on behalf of the customer. The hosting services templates have been created for the situation where the host is providing capacity for the customer to use at its discretion.

The templates may be adapted to suit the situation where the host is reselling the hosting services of another company - in this case you will need to ensure that the terms of your hosting agreement are consistent with the upstream terms.

All of the template contracts include provisions relating to: (a) services (What commitments is the hosting company making in relation to the hosting services? What resources will be available to the hosted website(s)? Will the hosting company be providing email, support, back-up or other ancillary services?); (b) acceptable use (what limits are placed upon the customer's use of the services - for example what kinds of website content are impermissible?); (c) confidentiality; and (d) data privacy.

This hosting agreement pack is supplied via download link. The pack is in a compressed (.zip) format, and each document in Word (.docx) format.

Can these agreements be used by hosting resellers?

Yes - indeed the "website hosting terms and conditions" variant has been designed with the web designer or similar providing resold hosting services in mind. You will of course need to ensure that it is "back-to-back" with the ultimate hosting company's terms and conditions.

What protections does the host get from the agreement?

In all the variants of the agreement, the customer gives a wide range of undertakings in relation to the use of the hosting services, covering the legality of content and service use, spamming, resource utilization and so on.

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