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Website Disclaimer

Website Disclaimer
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A short-form disclaimer notice for publication on a website.

The primary purpose of a website disclaimer is to limit or attempt to limit the liabilities that a website owner or publisher may suffer arising out of the website. Examples of the kinds of liability that we publishers must contend with include libel/defamation, copyright infringement and breach of privacy. Most legal systems strictly control the effects of limitations and exclusions of liability. For this reason you should take local legal advice if you believe you may have to rely upon the limits of liability in our website disclaimer document.

The website disclaimer covers the following:

  • Introduction
  • Copyright notice
  • License to use website
  • Acceptable use
  • Limited warranties
  • Limitations and exclusions of liability
  • Variation
  • Severability
  • Our details

This free website disclaimer is identical to the paid version, except that it includes a credit/attribution clause for Contractology. If you would like to use the document without that credit/attribution clause, you should purchase the pack.