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Sponsorship Agreement

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Sponsorship is a crucial element of many businesses' marketing strategies. At its simplest, it involves the payment of a sponsorship fee in consideration for the receipt of specified publicity-related benefits. This sponsorship agreement can be adapted for use in relation to a range of different kinds of sponsorship deal, including the sponsorship of an event, a series of events, an individual or a location.

The benefits for the sponsor must be set out - preferably in detail - in the schedule to this agreement.

The sponsorship agreement includes an optional trade mark license, under which the sponsor grants a right to use its trade marks in connection with the subject matter of the sponsorship. It also includes standard sponsorship warranties and limitations of liability.

The document may be adapted to favor the interests of either party, or to balance the interests of the parties fairly.

It is 9 pages long and includes: (1) Definitions and interpretation, (2) Term, (3) Sponsorship, (4) Sponsor Trade Marks, (5) Sponsorship Fees and payment, (6) Warranties, (7) Trade Mark indemnity, (8) Limitations and exclusions of liability, (9) Termination, (10) Effects of termination, and (11) General.

If you buy this template sponsorship agreement, we will immediately send you an email containing a link enabling you to download the document. The document is supplied in MS Word format.

General information and resources relating to sponsorship agreements are available on our sponsorship agreement resources page.

What is in the trade marks section of the sponsorship agreement?

Under this section, the sponsor undertakes to provide representations of its relevant trade marks and where applicable a style guide to the person or company being sponsored. It also grants a non-exclusive and royalty-free license to use the trade marks. The license may be subject to the approval of the sponsor to each specific type of use of the trade marks.

The trade mark section of the agreement also makes it clear that all rights in the trade marks accrue to the sponsor, and the other party undertakes not to use the trade marks in any way likely to cause harm to the goodwill attaching to them, or in any way which may invalidate or lead to the their revocation, or which may prejudice the ownership of the marks by the sponsor.

Does the agreement offer any protection to the sponsor where the person being sponsored misbehaves?

The warranties section of the sponsorship agreement includes a warranty, given by the person or company being sponsored to the sponsor, that he or she or it will not do anything during the term of the agreement that would or would be likely to materially damage the goodwill and/or reputation of the sponsor.

The sample sponsor agreement refers to "the Company". Can it be used for sponsoring a non-company?

Yes. This defined term can easily be amended, for example to refer to "the Event" or "the Location" or "the Artist" etc.

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