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Software License

Software License
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This pack contains three software license agreements of three different lengths.

Software licenses provide the principal legal underpinning for the exploitation of the products of the software industry.  A software license is, in essence, a type of copyright permission. The licensor is assuring the licensee that, notwithstanding the copyright protecting the software, the licensee may use the software without fear of infringement proceedings.

There are three different documents in this pack:

  • Software License Agreement (short-form);
  • Software License Agreement (standard-form); and
  • Software License Agreement (long-form).

Each of the documents provides for the delivery of the software to the licensee, and sets out in detail the terms of the license granted. The license provisions have been designed to be flexible, allowing for the software to be licensed to particular named user(s), or in respect of a particular number of concurrent users, or on a per-seat basis.

Other clauses in the software licenses cover payments (what will the licensor be paid in respect of the license, and how and when will payment be made?), warranties (what warranties does the licensor give to the licensee in relation to the software?) and limitations of liability (will the licensor be protected in the event of a claim from the licensee?).

The software license agreements are supplied (via download link) in MS Word (.docx) format.

What rights are granted to the licensee under these agreements?

The core of the license is as follows: "Subject to the limitations set out in [clause reference] and the prohibitions set out in [clause reference], the Licensor hereby grants to the Licensee from the date of delivery of the Software to the Licensee a non-exclusive worldwide license to: (a) install the Software; (b) use the Software in accordance with its documentation; and (c) back-up the Software...".

The "limitations" are the commercial licensing limitations: how many concurrent users are permitted to use the software? How many installations of the software are permitted? Which named users are permitted to use the software? The "prohibitions" may include bans on sub-licensing, reselling, distributing, editing, etc.

How can the software vendor verify license compliance? Is an audit section included in the agreements?

An optional audit clause is included in the standard-form and long-form software licenses. The relevant clause states that the licensor or its representative may audit the systems and records of the licensee for the purpose of ascertaining compliance. Suggested limits on the audit right include a general reasonableness requirement, a five-day notice requirement, and a maximum of one audit per calendar year.

What software warranties and undertakings are included, if any?

The licensor warranties in the software license include the following. First, a warranty that the software will perform (or perform substantially) in accordance with its documentation. The warranty may be specified to apply at the date of supply of the software. Second, a warranty that the software will not infringe anyone's intellectual property. A pro-licensor approach may limit this to rights within a specified jurisdiction. A more pro-licensee approach may include warranties that the software will not breach applicable laws or give rise to any cause of action against the licensee. Third, a warranty that the media upon which the software is supplied is free of defects (only relevant where there is a physical media). Fourth, a warranty that the software will be free from viruses and other malicious software. All of these express warranties are, of course, optional.

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