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Services Agreement

Services Agreement
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A pair of services agreement documents, along with a pair of services T&Cs documents, make up this pack.

The general services agreements in this pack can be adapted for use in relation to a wide range of different kinds of business-to-business services. They set out a framework within which services will be provided by the supplier to the customer.

Specifically, the documents in the pack are:

  • Services Agreement (standard-form)
  • Services Agreement (long-form)
  • T&Cs for the Supply of Services (standard-form)
  • T&Cs for the Supply of Services (long-form)

The agreements detail the payments to be made by the customer to the supplier. Sections dealing with the amounts payable to the supplier, the dates of payment or other payment triggers, the time period for payment and the consequences of non -payment are included. The services agreements also include optional provisions specifying obligations owed by the customer to the supplier. These may be required by a supplier where the customer's co-operation is necessary for the performance of the services.

The four documents are supplied in Microsoft Word format. If you purchase this document, we will send you an email containing instructions for downloading.

What sort of services can these documents be adapted for?

They designed for a wide range of B2B services. The main limitation of the documents is that they do not and indeed cannot take account of any special regulation which applies to particular services.

Do the precedents have a clause covering the supply of services at the client's offices?

Yes. A premises clause is included, stipulating (optionally) that: (a) the customer will grant access to the premises; (b) the customer will be responsible for health and safety at the premises, and will inform the supplier of applicable rules; (c) the customer will maintain the premises in good order and in compliance with applicable law; and (d) the customer will maintain public liability insurance.

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