Can the website notice templates be combined into a single “legal notice”?

Yes. However, it is good practice to keep your privacy statement clearly distinct from your terms and conditions, not least so that it can be referred to separately.

What should I do with the square brackets and notes?

All square brackets and any notes should be removed from the document before you use it.

Do I have to include all the suggested provisions?

Some of the provisions have been included with a view to assisting compliance with basic legal disclosure obligations, so unless you are certain that a provision is unnecessary, it is generally better to leave the provision in place.

Are the website notice templates suitable for every website?

Absolutely not. They have been designed with relatively simple sites in mind, and as noted elsewhere will not be suitable for every jurisdiction.

Have the templates been drafted by qualified lawyers?


I have website T&Cs and a privacy policy. What other legal documents might I need?

If you are selling goods via a website, you should have special terms of sale. The nature of these terms will depend in part upon whether you are selling to businesses or consumers or both.

If you are selling downloads via a website, you will need some kind of download agreement. This should include, amongst other things, an express license of the copyright in the download.

If you are selling subscriptions to your website, you will need some kind of subscription agreement.

There are of course many potential legal issues affecting a website. If you are uncertain how the law affects you and what documentation you need, you should take legal advice.