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As well as a general software EULA, this pack includes a EULA designed for use with mobile apps.

A EULA, or end user license agreement, is a legal agreement between a software licensor and a software user concerning the use of software. A good EULA will specify in detail what the user may do with the software - and what the user must not do with the software.

The documents in this pack are:

  • End User License Agreement; and
  • App EULA.

One legal issue affecting EULAs is this: how does the end user give his or her consent to the terms of the EULA. These EULAs include 3 different options in respect of user consent: consent by opening the software package (a shrink-wrap license), consent via a license presented during software installation (a click-wrap license), and consent via a license published online to be accepted before the software download (a web-wrap license).

Other key issues handled by the EULAs include licensing (what rights are granted under the EULA for the use of the software, and what restrictions are placed upon such rights?), upgrades (will upgrades be supplied to the user?) and support (will the licensor provide any support in respect of the software?).

The EULAs have not been drafted with consumer protection legislation in mind - and if you intend to use it with consumers, you will need to ensure that appropriate amendments are made to take account of such legislation insofar as applicable.

If you purchase this template EULA, we will send you an email with instructions downloading the template pack. This email will be sent immediately following your purchase. The pack will be supplied in MS Word (.docx) format for easy editing.

What is the difference between these EULAs and the software license document?

The software license is intended to govern the legal relationship between a software vendor and a company or other paying business customer. The EULAs, by contrast, are intended to govern the legal relationship between a software vendor and an individual end user.

Does the user get broad rights under the EULAs to use the software?

That depends on how you adapt the templates. A flexible license section is included, with suggested licensing terms covering such matters as the download of the software, the installation of the software and the use of the software. There are also express provisions concerning software documentation, and a set of specific optional exceptions covering such matters as resale, alteration, decompilation and the circumvention of technical protection measures.

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