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Cookies Policy

Cookies Policy
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A cookies policy template designed to help with legal disclosure obligations relating to cookies and similar technologies.

Almost all modern websites use cookies. They have many applications, such as: tracking users as they navigate around a website; remembering user preferences and shopping cart contents; auto-logins for visitors coming back to a site; and website security. In some legal systems website operators are subject to a legal obligation to provide information to users about the use of cookies. The purpose of a cookies policy is to assist with these obligations.

This cookies policy contains the following sections:

  • Introduction
  • About cookies
  • Cookies that we use
  • Cookies used by our service providers
  • Managing cookies
  • Cookie preferences
  • Our details

This free cookies policy is identical to the paid version, except that it includes a credit/attribution clause for Contractology. If you would like to use the document without that credit/attribution clause, you should purchase a license.