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Consulting Contract

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This pack contains three consulting contracts: a standard-form contract, a short-form contract for more straightforward jobs and a long-form contract for more complex jobs.

A consulting contract is a type of services agreement. A consultancy or consultant will typically be appointed by a client to provide professional advice and support, and may also be contracted to produce documents, software or other deliverables.

The documents included in this pack are:

  • consultancy agreement (short-form);
  • consultancy agreement (standard-form); and
  • consultancy agreement (long-form).

The consultant will want to ensure that the client pays his bills on time. Accordingly, these consulting contracts includes provisions concerning the late payment of fees. The client will be concerned to ensure that the consulting services are delivered to a good standard and on time. To account for this, the template contracts include specific provisions about the manner and time of service delivery.

One of the key issues in consultancy contracts under which deliverables are being produced is the ownership of intellectual property rights in the deliverables. These rights may be retained by the consultant, or assigned by the consultant to the client, or licensed by the consultant to the client. Where the intellectual property rights are licensed to the client, it will be important - for both parties - to ensure that the license is both suitable and certain in scope. Both the standard-form and long-form contracts in the pack contain comprehensive provisions regarding intellectual property.

The consulting contracts in this pack are between 10 and 26 pages long. Immediately after purchase, a download link for the document will be made available to you. The file is in compressed (.zip) format, while the documents themselves are supplied in MS Word (.docx) format.

How does this contract protect the consultant's IP?

The intellectual property sections of the consultancy contracts (standard and long-form) are straightforward. There is a choice between an assignment or a license of the consultant's rights in the deliverables. The consultant's rights can be protected by using an appropriately restrictive license. You will also need to consider whether such a license will continue after termination.

What protection is there in the consulting contract templates for the client's secret information?

The longer templates include a confidentiality clause protecting the confidential information of the client and/or the consultant. The consultant undertakes not to disclose the client's information, or to misuse that information. There are however exceptions to the basic non-disclosure obligations. For example, disclosure to insurers and professional advisors may be expressly permitted.

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