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Commission Agreement

Commission Agreement
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The agreements in this pack all involve the payment of commission by one party to the other party.

Commission-based payments are useful in business where there is a material degree of risk associated with the performance of some services or other obligations and it is desirable for the services provider to carry those risk. The other side of the commission coin is that the services provider can share in the success of the enterprise more generally.

This pack contains a range of documents, all of which include payments on a commission basis:

  • Commission Agreement;
  • Commission and Confidentiality Agreement;
  • Commission and Non-Solicitation Agreement;
  • Commission, Confidentiality and Non-Solicitation Agreement; and
  • Consultancy and Commission Agreement.

All of these documents are relatively flexible, designed in such a way that they may be adapted for use in a wide range of circumstances where one person or company must make payments to another person or company on a commission basis.

The key provisions of the agreements include: (a) a definition of "base amount", which is used in the calculation of the amounts payable under the agreements; (b) a definition of "trigger event", which specifies the event that gives rise to payments; and (c) a commission clause setting out exactly what must be paid, when and how.

The commission agreements are supplied via download link immediately following purchase in MS Word (.docx) form.

How are commission payments calculated under these agreements?

The template commission agreements use three defined terms to structure the commission payments. First, a "base amount" is defined. This base amount could for example be the amount payable under a category of contract. Second, a "trigger event" is defined, which is the event giving rise to the payment obligation. An example of a trigger event might be a company entering into a contract following a referral. Third, a "commission" level is defined, a percentage of the base amount payable by one party to the other in respect of a trigger event.

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